Adrienne Estes, Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

A native of Minnesota, Adrienne grew up in the Plymouth area and attended Wayzata High School. She graduated from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic in 2016 with a specialization in Western Therapeutic Massage. She utilizes certain neuromuscular techniques, such as trigger point therapy, to find the root causes of muscular pain in the body in order to fix them. She also does prenatal, sports massage, TMJ massage, myofascial release, and relaxation, and has the ability to tailor each session to meet the needs of her clients. Adrienne grew up very active in sports, including alpine ski racing, volleyball, and dance. As an adult, she spent four years as a children’s alpine ski instructor in Keystone, Colorado, as well as a summer living and working outside of Denali National Park, Alaska. She is very passionate about the great outdoors and pursuing an active lifestyle. She realizes the importance of taking care of the body, and wants to help her clients find longevity in their passions and lifestyles as well. She is also a 2011 graduate of the University of Denver with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications and German Studies..